Texas Rivers and Bayous

what can i say, i'm a Gulf Coast boy..i have spent so many hours as a ...

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Books by me available on amazon and kindle

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MOUNTAINS (coffee table book--available on amazon @http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/144140015X/ref=cm_pdp_rev_itm_img_1 ))

the canadian rockies are one of the most beautiful places that i know. ...

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BEACHES (photobook---available on www.amazon.com or as pdf download at available on amazon (kindle too) or $3 pdf download

BEACHES (my little coffee table book)...available at amazon.com at fol ...

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Mountain Goats (Canadian Rockies)

..one of my most favorite photo memories...i came upon these guys in J ...

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Big Horn Sheep

it is so cool to sit and hang out with these guys...i came upon this c ...

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Canyons (unedited---some bad lighting shots still in here...i will delete s i go)

Utah is my favorite state for canyon hikes...Zion is incredible and Es ...

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Alberta Canada September 2010 (unedited)

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Norway,waterfall, fjords,jellyfish, waterfalls, preikestolen, manafoss ...

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Smoky Mountains (Unedited)

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South Texas

..i hunted south texas in my early years...i went from tower stand wit ...

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Elk unedited

coming from Texas, we don't encounter a lot of elk...i appreciate thei ...

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Heights' Porches Coffee Table Book

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NOLA Jazzfest 2011 and 2012 UNEDITED

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Houston AND Texas Singer/Songwriters

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Costa Rica

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Home Remodel

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Your Bio

my email address is patricktalley@gmail.com

howdy and welcome to my little world...

i like to be outdoors...i really like to be off the beaten path, away from concrete and enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and textures of nature…but even if it is simply walking my street; i like to be outdoors...this is not a new thing for me, for as a very young boy, i would walk the bayou near my home (actually called "Cullman's Gulley" in southeast Houston)...it was a polluted trickle of a bayou, right smack in the middle of H-town, but to me; it was The Great Outdoors with trees and running water and critters of all kinds...i guess, i learned early on that adventure can be found wherever you look...the photo taking is a more recent adventure for me...after drinking in all of nature's visual gifts over so many years of wandering; i began taking some of those gifts home with me---on film…

…i started with a 20 year old Cannon AE1 and have upgraded a time or two but some of these photos were taken with what is now a 30 year old camera (held together literally with duct tape) which was bought "many wrinkles ago" for $75...i'd have to say that by far the best pictures that i have ever taken are of my children and huge family but those we will hold close and not share with the public...many or most of my photos are from very near my old home in the Memorial Park area near downtown Houston… but some have been taken on far flung trips...my travels have taken me to lots of incredible places; australia, colombia’s mountains and greenery, costa rica, nicaragua, italy, the uk, venezuela, mexico, china, peruvian mountains and bolivia's amazon basin, canada's rockies and orca islands, icey alaska, colorado’s mountains and rivers, the deserts of arizona, texas, nevada and new mexico, california & washington's coastal waters, hawaii’s jungles, beaches and dormant volcanoes, utah's deserts, mountains and incredible canyons, florida's everglades and keys, the pacific northwest islands and rocks, belize's jungle rivers and rainforest flora and fauna as well as a spectacular once in a lifetime trek of a cave full of mayan ruins and sacrificial remains… vietnam's remarkable sites and the mountains in the virginias and the rivers of arkansas and probably a longer list that doesn't pop to mind right now…but the great thing is that the bayous of texas' gulf coast and the flowers decorating my own yard are the subject of many of my cherished photos…

…i was told long ago that i live in a small little world and perhaps that; for me, is a very big place indeed...i hope you enjoy the photos and if you do; i hope to hear from you...as rilke says "there is much beauty here because there is much beauty everywhere..."

...thanks for stopping by and come back often as i add photos with every trip i take...and i do like to take my trips...